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Resource: Video: Leaders by Example

Yarmouth Life Skills

Yarmouth Life Skills in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, has incorporated an environmentally–conscious theme right into their organization’s plans and vision. They believe in the importance of teaching waste separation and diversion to their clients. They have implemented fun and unique programs to motivate their clients to live in a "green" environment. Yarmouth Life Skills proves that with a little creativity, recycling can be fun and easy to do!

Vernon d’Eon Lobster Plugs

Pubnico, Nova Scotia – Vernon d’Eon is a well–known and influential businessman in our Region. After attending Strategic Planning meetings at Waste Check, he learned why it is important to reduce waste at his business. From there, he came up with unique and innovative ways to reduce and reuse within his retail store and his restaurant. He is a great example for other business owners to follow!

École Belleville and Barton Consolidated School

Barton Consolidated School, in Digby County, Nova Scotia – "A little school goes a long way!" Barton Consolidated School leaders have engaged their students in helping the environment by allowing them to take charge and manage waste separation programs within the building! The students at this environmentally–conscious school are proud of their waste diversion efforts, and it shows! They are a doing a phenomenal job at promoting waste reduction awareness!

École-Belleville – École Belleville in Belleville, Nova Scotia, strives to reduce waste within their school and does so by helping the students learn about waste separation right from the beginning! School leaders recognize the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling and they incorporate it into their daily teachings. They are a great example for other schools who think it’s too difficult to motivate their students to take part in waste diversion programs! They are proof that it can be done!

Sissiboo Investments/ Sissiboo Farm Supplies

Sissiboo Investments Limited in Weymouth, Nova Scotia, manufacture the convenient "Easy Sorter" products that make waste separation simple! Aside from inventing a great product, Sissiboo Farm Supplies is also doing great with waste separation and diversion within their business, and have been a success at engaging and educating their staff to participate in all waste separation programs. Their video focuses on how the EasySorter came to be, why it’s important to divert waste in a business, and how to get staff involved. Their story is inspiring and will help motivate other businesses to reduce, reuse, and recycle!

NSCC Burridge Campus

NSCC Burridge Campus in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia has come a long way with their waste separation and diversion. They have made outstanding efforts to make waste separation as easy as possible for their staff and students. They have also come up with fun and inspiring ways to reduce waste and incorporate it into their student programs! For a large institution with many people coming and going every day, they have left behind all excuses and are doing an incredible job with reducing and recycling!

Dr. Westby and Yarmouth Hospital Food and Nutrition Services

Dr. Don Westby, Weymouth, Nova Scotia – Dr. Westby and his staff have been recycling and separating waste for so long, that it has become second nature in their workplace. Proper waste separation is happening in the staff kitchen area, in the filing room, and even right in Dr. Westby’s office and patient rooms. Dr. Westby knows how simple and fast recycling common packaging found in doctor’s offices can be. A little effort goes a long way. We hope that all other doctors follow Dr. Westby’s example and recycle what they can to reduce waste sent to landfills!

Yarmouth Hospital Food and Nutrition Services – The Food and Nutrition Services Department at the Yarmouth Hospital has done great things to reduce the amount of waste produced in the cafeteria. They have set an example for other large institutions and have proven that waste reduction can be done simply and effectively, and with many benefits along the way! Their well trained and educated staff help ensure that the amount of recycling outweighs the amount of garbage sent to landfill. Their efforts are truly making a difference for the environment!

Caisse Populaire de Clare

Clare, Nova Scotia – All five branches of Caisse Populaire de Clare are fully on board with their Region’s waste separation programs. They have also gone above and beyond to reduce, reuse, and recycle within their business. Their efforts have saved them thousands of dollars along the way! Karen Thimot, an employee of Caisse Populaire de Clare has even brought her work’s environmental planning out to the general public. Every year, she organizes the Clare Community Litter Clean–Up Event which has seen great success in removing litter from our roadsides! This is a great example of how good environmental planning can not only make a big difference in your business’s bottom line, but also in your community, and in turn your province!