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Facilities: Yarmouth
Yarmouth Composting Facility

Compost Facility: Yarmouth Nova Scotia’s leading edge solid waste management system saves at least $31 million a year – or $33 for every Nova Scotian – compared to the old landfill system, according to a new study released. The $31 million annual saving is the lowest estimate in the study. When higher estimates are used, the savings could be as high as $167 million a year, or $178 for every Nova Scotian.

The new system has created employment in the waste management industry valued at $2.8 – $3.9 million a year, with spin-off benefits of $3.7 to $ 5 million. Access to curbside recycling in Nova Scotia jumped from less than 5% in 1989 to 99% today, and 76% of residents now have access to curbside organics pickup – by far the highest rates in the country.

Representatives from all over Canada, as well as Japan, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Russia, Ireland, Guyana, the United States, Trinidad and several other countries have travelled to Nova Scotia to study how the province manages its waste. The GPI report records the money spent in Nova Scotia by these international delegations as a monetary benefit of the new system that is hidden in the standard way of counting system costs. Read the entire article from GPI
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Location: Yarmouth County Solid Waste Park
1936 Hardscratch Road, Yarmouth County
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Fee: $114.00 / mt
Phone: Gordon Arey at 902-742-5220
Price is subject to change