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Waste Separation Containers: Where to Buy?

Looking to purchase waste separation containers for your office, work, business, organization, or even your home? Check out the links below. All manufacturers listed are Canadian-based and will fit your waste reduction needs.

Links to Manufacturers/Distributers

Nova Scotia Companies:

  • Tretan Trading – "Easy–Sorter"
    Made locally in Weymouth, NS. Various standard and custom designs to meet your needs.

  • South Shore Concrete Products – "StrongSorter"
    Located in Chester, NS. Concrete design offers strong and sturdy waste separation units.

  • The Bin Doctor
    Located in Dartmouth, NS. Sells and distributes waste separation containers from various manufacturers.

  • ABCO Industries Limited
    Located in Lunenburg, NS. Builds and sells various recycling and waste separation containers.

  • OMG Atlantic
    Offering unique designs for waste separation containers. Atlantic-based.

    Canada–Wide Companies:

  • Busch Systems
    Will meet any requirements with a wide variety of designs and styles of waste separation containers to choose from.

  • Chevy Lane
    Solutions for home, office, schools, cafeterias, lobbies, & common areas. Custom designs available.

  • Ice Green
    A complete line of waste separation containers that can be customized to meet your needs.

  • Clean River Recycling Solutions
    Manufactures recycling containers, bins, and cabinets made from raw materials with the highest recycled content available.

  • Waste Warrior
    Manufacturer of heavy-duty steel recycling units for commercial, industrial and institutional use.

    If you have any further questions, please call Waste Check at 1–800–569–0039.

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